Self reformation to make self and other happy through system,process and technology.

                About "WAY OF BEING"

Way of being - To know the effect of various temperaments within and trick of meaningful adjustment of those for life and growth is "way of being".


 Find out and obey  the perpetual laws for life and growth in every field of society connecting to moral,social and financial both individually and collectively is way of being.

Way – Word and action yield to uphold of being is way.

Word –Expression of thought in sound is word.

Action –Physical manifestation of thought is action.

Thought- Temperament evolved in mind is thought.

Mind-Media where all thoughts and feelings are felt is mind. Then mind is also temperament.

Being- Origin of mind, all temperaments and all substances are having existence, and manifested as being .Urge of Being is  Becoming.

Becoming –Means growth ,and growth is related to happiness.

Happiness- One of temperament make feeling calm, perfect, steady and concrete in mind is happiness.

                             Without being there is no becoming. Then harm to being is related with losess of temperaments (make one foolish or repulsion) and substances (harm of material possession,aquisition ,organ systems and anatomy).

                                                       Temperaments of mind are related to traits of chromosome and outside impulses. Outside impulses are connecting to word and natural or artificial activities of environmental living and non-living.

                           That means environmental positive word and action is to be needed to one for fulfilling the life and growth. Exactly one should also be discharging positive impulses to environment for getting same positive impulses return.Contray to it creating and blowing diverse or sentimental  or fascination or hallucination impulses on "life and growth" which results are autocratic governance system,communal riot,political riot,violence,war,weapons competition,discrimination,humiliation,manipulation,corruption ,sentimental boundary concept etc.which makes self and other unhappy .In other word  every field of society is a platform to make  activities and creating of both positive and negative impulses which nurturing or harming to being both for self and other. 

                    Therefore temperament management trick is to be known within one to make meaningful adjustment to environmental both in positive and negative impulses getting from outside or inside , and discharing positive impulses in very field of society through system, process and technology for being and becoming both for individually and collectively  is  “WAY OF BEING”

               How temperament is functioning within one ,and makes man repulsion,attraction and foolish  is cited through below link and portray .


Author’s biography- Name -Madhu  Sudana Parida,S/O- Late –Sj. Nitya Nanda Parida,citizen of India, birth place:- At/Po- Udayapur, Dist-Keonjhar,State –Orissa,Pin-758045,(currently residing- At/po- Bileipada,Dist-Keonjhar,orissa,758038),  date of birth -4th July 1963, profession is service in private sector, and eager to exchange  perpetual thought in every field of world wide societies  to makes self & other to happy, and unifying in common interest for being & becoming to create & sustaining a trust & integrate blow of mind wave in human stake  permanently. My realization by blessing of providence about self and universe is my writing.

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